Many technical, task-based companies have expended a great deal of effort in generating the data needed to comply with national and regional training requirements such as PER-005. QTD was developed and designed with the purpose of managing all the data required to remain in compliance with NERC and other governing bodies.

QTS Compliance Support Services provides customers with efficiency and peace of mind throughout the training process. Our consultants advise and assist in updating and maintaining all data in accordance with the processes and procedures required to remain in compliance.

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See a few samples below. We have your requirements covered.

PER-005 Requirement*

QTD Features*

QTD Sample Reports*

R.1 Use a Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) to establish and implement a training program
  • Provides line of sight linkages from operator tasks to all elements of the operator training program
  • Training Program by Position
  • Course Design Specifications
  • Employee Training Needs Assessment
  • Employee Training per IDP
R1.1 Create a list of BES company specific reliability related tasks performed by System Operators
  • Flag reliability related tasks (RRT)
  • Create linkages to NERC standards and company procedures
  • Task by Position Report with flag for RRT’s
  • Task by Position History
  • Annual Position Task List Review
R1.2 Design and develop learning objectives and training materials based on the task list created in R1.1
  • Generate Training Materials including Self-study guides, OJT Guides, Simulate Scripts, and more
  • Establish hyperlinks to all training materials used for each course
  • Create tests using the Test Development Tool (TDT)
  • Learning Objectives by Task
  • Training Program by Position
  • Training Material by Task and Associated Enabling Objectives by Position
R1.3 Deliver the training established in R.1.2
  • Assign and deliver training through the Employee Portal (EMP)
  • Classes by ILA
  • Class roster and sign-in sheet
R1.4 Conduct an annual evaluation of the training program in R.1 to identify need changes to the training program and implement the changes identified
  • Track needed changes and updates to program
  • Use student evaluation tool to collect and report student feedback (through EMP)
  • Annual Training Program Annual Review
  • Issue List and Corrective Action Report
  • Student Evaluation results

*Not all-inclusive. For a full list of how QTD supports compliance with various NERC standards, please email