QTS understands the development and integration of quality training materials is vital in supporting and maintaining a successful, longstanding training program. From simple skills and knowledge lists (e.g. enabling objectives) to complex, SCORM-wrapped computer-based training (CBT) courses, QTS Instructional Designers have the experience and skills to create the training materials your program needs to follow the ADDIE methodology.

We offer:

  • A thorough analyses of enabling objections for each reliability-related task (RRT) and non-RRT to create a solid list of skills and knowledge needed to perform each role
  • Training design specifications (e.g. a comprehensive Training Map) to provide the blueprint for the role and the materials needing to be developed
  • Course design specification including descriptions, key learning objectives, and specific training methods
  • Creation of on-the-job training (OJT) guides and task qualification guides to ensure training is consistent, repeatable, and can evaluate trainee performance
  • Development of test questions, self-study guides (SSGs), workbooks, and SCORM-wrapped Computer-based training (CBT) courses to direct the trainee through learning activities to achieve desired learning objectives

QTS collaborates with you and your subject matter experts (SMEs) to understand the full scope of each role and the details necessary for creating the required training materials to ensure a successful training program.

Contact us today at or call 443-755-0790 ext. 119 to learn more about how we can help you map out and build the materials your training program needs!