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The Benefits of Using QTD™


Why Quality Training Database (QTD™)?

QTD is the software of choice for managing all the data required to comply with training standards, such as, NERC’s PER-005 and FRA’s 49 CFR 243.  A great deal of effort has been expended in generating the data needed to comply with a training standard.  Now maintain it! Our database is the only sensible solution and QTD was developed specially for this purpose.

PER-005 Compliance using QTD™

What is the difference between QTD and a Learning Management System (LMS)?

QTD is a performance-criteria based tool, establishing a direct line of sight between on-job-performance and knowledge/skill acquisition.  A typical LMS does not do this.

QTD supports all elements of the SAT process as required by most regulatory training standards, such as PER-005, 49 CFR 243, apprentice programs for technical skilled positions, and military training.

QTD includes specific SAT requirements that a typical LMS will not address:

  • Linkages between tasks, procedures, learning objectives, learning activities, training materials and more
  • Annual Task List review for each position
  • Task qualification and re-qualification, as part of initial training or when triggered by a task change
  • Training programs for shifts or seasonal cycles
  • Annual continuing training program for a position
  • Annual program evaluation
Technical Training
Sometimes Training and IT Departments are reluctant to add one more software when they already have a Learning Management System (LMS). So why use QTD?

QTD provides the key to easily maintaining the training program design data, training materials, and training records to support apprentice training and other technical job training that relies heavily on task- based training either on-the-job or in a simulator environment.

  • QTD organizes and stores tasks and job responsibilities for job incumbents at the task level
  • QTD captures procedures, processes and safety hazards associated with tasks and job responsibilities
  • QTD links knowledge and skills to learning outcomes focused on field task execution and results
  • QTD stores and generates on-the-job-training guides as well as task qualification sheets to support assessment of task proficiency
  • QTD stores and generates simulator training guides for individual position or scenarios across positions
  • QTD tracks custom certificate requirements


QTD is used by organizations throughout North America and provides a proven, robust solution to your training management needs. 

We are here to help you every step of the way to achieve a high-performing workforce. 

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