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New Partnership Between and QTS Makes Recordkeeping Easier

AUSTIN, Texas, May 1, 2014 – and Quality Training Systems (QTS) announced today seamless record-sharing between courses and the Quality Training Database™ (QTD). Now clients can easily upload records to their QTD data file.  Additionally, users of the QTD Employee Portal (EMP) can now make selected courses available to their operators directly via the EMP dashboard.  

QTS simplifies the record-keeping process by eliminating the need to manually enter records of completed LMS360 can now export client records perfectly formatted for direct import to QTD using QTD’s import-export feature.  The records automatically populate the training records in QTD and are thus available for inclusion in all the QTD reports.

As an added bonus, courses can be deployed directly to employees via the EMP dashboard.  EMP is a browser-based add-on module for QTD that allows trainers to deploy SCORM (version 1.2) -compliant training student evaluations. EMP tests directly to the employees’ computers; employees complete the training online and the results populate the training records in QTD.

By working together, QTS and have simplified the workload for our mutual customers by eliminating the need for manual data entry and associated errors.

Quality Training Database™ is a simple, easy-to-use software tool that has been specially designed to manage all training records needed for compliance with PER-005.  The Database includes a direct “line-of-sight” between tasks, learning objectives, ILAs, and training evaluations (as required by the SAT process. It provides a comprehensive suite of reports to directly support audit preparation.

Benefits of the new partnership for clients include:

  • Reduced QTD manual entry by importing training records electronically
  • Reduced errors as the data from LMS360 system is provided  in the perfect format to import to QTD
  • One-stop shop for deployment of selected courses and compilation of training results

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