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Dear friends,

It’s coming!

A new and enhanced version of Quality Training Database™ (QTD™) will make its debut next month, and as a valued client, you’ll have a front row seat. Quality Training Systems has always sought to create and share innovative training and performance support solutions with organizations nationwide. Our forward-thinking approach and leading edge solutions create significant value for you and your colleagues. They also make your job easier and safer, which is always our goal. 

Introducing… QTD™ NEXT

We’ve done away with new releases by numbers, as we’re providing you with the “Next” generation of our training system.  Just as the SAT and ADDIE expertise of the transmission operator training community has grown tremendously over the past years, so has the functionality of QTD™.  With this growth, the time had come to prepare QTD™ for the next evolution of learning, compliance maintenance, and training tracking automation.  Now, QTD™ is poised to evolve into meeting your future training needs (think mobile apps for task qualifications, self-enrollment, material development, and so much more).

QTD™ NEXT further streamlines the compliance process for PER-005 and PER-005-2 and in a single, more efficient workspace. 

  • What can you expect from the newly-named solution?
  • Easy access to key ADDIE functions through the main screen
  • Improved workspaces to develop training courses, task qualifications, on-the-job training guides, and process course enrollments
  • Drag and drop functionality to create linkages
  • Increased access features like “Add” or “Delete” via right clicks on a mouse
  • Compliance process for PER-005-2
  • And more!

Between now and June 22, our scheduled launch date, you will receive several communications and invitations to learn more about QTD™ NEXT

Interested in learning specific details about QTD™ NEXT right now? The first 5 people who respond to this email will have the opportunity to schedule a sneak peek at the new solution. Simply email me with a note regarding your interest.

We really can’t wait to introduce you to this intuitive version of QTD™. If you have any questions prior to launch, please connect with me directly.