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QTS is known as the “go to” team for PER-005 compliance services. Start with our leading expertise in all phases of the systematic approach to training, our broad knowledge of system operations from collaborating with hundreds of subject matter experts, and top it off with robust tools included in the Quality Training Database – you’ve got the perfect formula for compliance, efficiency, and excellence!
Healthcare / Laboratory
Quality Training Systems can help keep practices and laboratories up to date to meet stringent regulatory requirements. QTS’ core business is optimizing the performance of our clients’ workforce, and we’ll provide the expert advice and quality results you need to get it right.
Manufacturing / Industrial
Manufacturing organizations are tasked to meet safety and other training requirements while keeping a productive and cost-effective workforce. QTS can help develop the training your workforce needs to reduce accidents, cut waste, and stay in line with regulations.

49 CFR Part 243 establishes regulations that require railroads to develop training programs for safety-related employees and submit to the FRA for approval. With our deep experience in helping organizations meet stringent training regulations, QTS can help you successfully navigate this new set of requirements, and establish meaningful training programs that yield real results!

Oil and Gas
Quality Training Systems helps with compliance management in oil & gas. Oil and gas is facing critical challenges, increased regulatory pressure and consequences, and larger and more complex facilities and procedures. QTS can help companies enhance their workforce performance.

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