Enhanced QTD Deluxe Features

New and Enhanced Features Coming to QTD Deluxe

The QTS software team is completely redesigning QTD, adding even more accessibility and features to the Deluxe version of QTD 2.0. With the new, interactive Training Map feature and an RRT Analysis Wizard, all QTD users will want to upgrade to QTD Deluxe in 2.0!

Read on for more information about the enhanced features coming to the Deluxe version of QTD 2.0 and get a first look at the earliest software screenshots available. Want to be the first to see the full 2.0 prototype and test drive new features? Join our Voice of the Customer (VoC) program for exclusive, early access! Email marketing@qualitytrainingsystems.com to sign up!

Training Map

QTD 2.0 will unveil a new, interactive training map feature. Training Maps are an important part of each position’s Initial Training Program design as it provides a visual representation of the courses, content, and overall flow of the training program. Usually created in Microsoft Visio as a flow chart or diagram, Deluxe QTD 2.0 users will now be able to create training maps directly in QTD to drive the creation of ILAs, assessments, courses, etc. Click through the image gallery below and get a first look at the QTD 2.0 new Training Map feature!

RRT Analysis Wizard

Integrated into QTD, the new Reliability Related Task Analysis Wizard saves decision criteria, helps determine reliability-related status of a task, and documents training decisions. This tool is found under Jobs and Tasks Analysis on the dashboard menu in QTD 2.0 and allows full customization of the criteria, analysis questions, and optional additional information sections. Check out our first sneak peek shots of the new RRT Analysis Wizard coming to QTD 2.0!


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