Enhanced QTD Basic Features

New and Enhanced Features Coming to QTD Basic

The QTS software team is completely redesigning QTD, adding even more accessibility and features to the Basic version of QTD 2.0. With advanced reporting capabilities, expanded OJT Guides, a new time tracking feature, an all-in-one JTA Editor Window, and the ability to deploy DIF surveys through EMP, QTD Basic users will be impressed with what 2.0 will bring!

Read on for more information about the enhanced features coming to the Basic version of QTD 2.0 and get a first look at the earliest software screenshots available. Want to be the first to see the full 2.0 prototype and test drive new features? Join our Voice of the Customer (VoC) program for exclusive, early access! Email marketing@qualitytrainingsystems.com to sign up and attend our next, virtual VoC meeting on Wednesday, May 11.

Advanced Reporting

QTD 2.0 will unveil a new, easy-to-use graphical reporting tool to replace the Custom Report Builder (CRB) module. Integrated directly into QTD, this exciting new feature will be available for all QTD users. Further details and prototype images of the reporting tool are still in development, and we cannot wait to share them with you soon!

Expanded OJT Guides

All QTD users will have the ability to manage more digital content options including documents, pictures, and video files and incorporate them directly into task steps and OJT guides. The idea behind this is to expand beyond printable training materials to create and offer more digital content in your training program. Click here to see an early glimpse into what we’re building in QTD 2.0 to embed digital content into OJT Guides!

Time Tracking

QTD 2.0 will also allow users to track time or log hours spent practicing specific tasks within the OJT / Task Qualification tab in the new, expanded OJT Guides. This is an excellent new way to track apprenticeship program timecards directly in QTD. Click through the image gallery and get a first look at the QTD 2.0 new time tracking feature!

JTA Editor Window

No more time spent clicking through multiple screens to enter all your JTA data! The new, easy-to-use JTA Editor Window enables QTD users to enter ALL their JTA data for specific roles into one screen. Check out our first sneak peek shots of the new JTA Editor Window coming to QTD 2.0 in the gallery below!

Deploy DIF Surveys (Requires EMP)

Automate your DIF analysis in QTD and eliminate paperwork by deploying DIF Surveys directly through EMP. The DIF Survey allows users to rate each task on difficulty and importance and choose the frequency of the tasks as well. Previously a feature only available for QTD Deluxe users, DIF Surveys will be included in QTD Basic when 2.0 launches. Click here to see an early sneak peek shot of the DIF Surveys feature coming to QTD 2.0!


Contact us today at sales@qualitytrainingsystems.com or call 443-755-0790 ext. 119 to learn more about how QTD 2.0 can improve your training program!