Enhanced Module Features

New and Enhanced Features Coming to the Employee Portal (EMP) and the Test Development Tool (TDT)

With the launch of QTD 2.0, improvements and updates are also coming to EMP and TDT. Both modules will have a brand new look and new exciting functions. Check out the descriptions and screenshots below to get a first look at what’s coming to EMP and TDT in 2.0.

The Employee Portal (EMP)

EMP getting a new look and feel for 2.0. A streamlined dashboard will allow users to easily launch windows to complete training. Users will be able to customize their dashboard to view the training elements important for their role. EMP 2.0 will be integrated with the new Training Map feature which allows trainees to track their training completion progress. To support effective learning, EMP 2.0 will allow users to take notes while completing CBTs. All existing EMP features (tests, evaluations, self-registration, procedure review, etc.) will remain in EMP 2.0 and will be available.

Check out our first sneak peek shots of the new features coming to EMP 2.0 in the gallery below!

The Test Development Tool (TDT)

TDT 2.0 will be completely redesigned and updated as part of the QTD 2.0 rollout. TDT users can expect the same functionality which will allow them to create test items for EOs, create tests, and use the question bank feature to randomize test questions. TDT 2.0 will also allow users to create tests that are not linked to an ILA. For example, if users have new hire skill assessments or final comprehensive exams, those TDT created tests do not need to be linked to an ILA in order to be deployed to EMP.

In addition, TDT 2.0 will include:

  • Multiple Choice Test Questions – Select multiple correct responses
  • Short Answer – Identify key words and phrases as the correct answer
    o When deployed to EMP, short answer test questions will be graded by the system
    o When printed, users can select to print the Short Answer test answer key
  • Enhanced Functionality when combined with EMP:
    o Select to randomize the order of test questions for all enrolled Employees
    o Select to randomize test question answer
  • Enhanced test item analysis reporting

Click through the gallery below to get a first look at what’s coming to TDT 2.0!

Contact sales@qualitytrainingsystems.com or call 443-755-0790 ext. 119 to upgrade to QTD Deluxe or add EMP and TDT before the launch of QTD 2.0 to start using these valuable tools NOW!