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PER-005 Compliance using QTD™

What is the difference between QTD™ and an LMS?

Sometimes Training and IT Departments are reluctant to add one more software when they already have a LMS. So what makes QTD™ unique to manage PER-005 Compliance?

QTD has been developed specifically to help manage NERC training and certification requirements, and includes a suite of reports needed to demonstrate compliance with PER-005 and complete the RSAW. A typical LMS does not do this.
  • QTD tracks operator recertification requirements as required by PER-005, provides updates on the training progress for each operator, and warns when deadlines are approaching
  • QTD allows upload of CEHs to NERC’s SOCCED database
  • QTD allows users to create and upload NERC’s ILA Application form to SOCCED
  • QTD allows users to maintain a complete certification history for each operator
QTD supports all elements of the SAT process as required by PER-005, including specific requirements that a typical LMS will not address.
    • QTD establishes and maintains linkages between operator tasks, and procedures, skills and knowledge, learning activities, and training materials
    • QTD provides functionality and reporting to support the annual Task List review for each position
    • QTD™ provides tools and reporting to support operator qualification and re-qualification (when triggered by a task change) on all reliability-related tasks
    • QTD™ allows users to design training programs for each shift or seasonal cycle and merge these programs with the annual Continuing Training Program for a position
    • QTD™ includes functionality to complete annual Program Evaluation and track required changes
QTD facilitates data transfer to and from existing LMS’s to avoid duplicate data entry.

With QTD, it only takes about 2 hours a week to enter data. If we didn’t have it, we’d spend about one day a week – four times as long!

QTD™ is now used by more than 100 utilities in the U.S. and Canada. QTD™ has grown along with the industry requirements and provides a proven, robust solution to your PER-005 compliance and training management needs. A Satisfied QTD Customer

Let us help you every step of the way to ensure that your training program meets all of NERC’s requirements.

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