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PER-005 Compliance using QTD™

What is the difference between QTD™ and an LMS?

Sometimes Training and IT Departments are reluctant to add one more software when they already have a LMS. So what makes QTD™ unique to manage PER-005 Compliance?

QTD has been developed specifically to help manage NERC training and certification requirements, and includes a suite of reports needed to demonstrate compliance with PER-005 and complete the RSAW. A typical LMS does not do this.
  • QTD tracks operator recertification requirements as required by PER-005, provides updates on the training progress for each operator, and warns when deadlines are approaching
  • QTD allows upload of CEHs to NERC’s SOCCED database
  • QTD allows users to create and upload NERC’s ILA Application form to SOCCED
  • QTD allows users to maintain a complete certification history for each operator
QTD supports all elements of the SAT process as required by PER-005, including specific requirements that a typical LMS will not address.
    • QTD establishes and maintains linkages between operator tasks, and procedures, skills and knowledge, learning activities, and training materials
    • QTD provides functionality and reporting to support the annual Task List review for each position
    • QTD™ provides tools and reporting to support operator qualification and re-qualification (when triggered by a task change) on all reliability-related tasks
    • QTD™ allows users to design training programs for each shift or seasonal cycle and merge these programs with the annual Continuing Training Program for a position
    • QTD™ includes functionality to complete annual Program Evaluation and track required changes
QTD facilitates data transfer to and from existing LMS’s to avoid duplicate data entry.
QTD™ is now used by more than 100 utilities in the U.S. and Canada. QTD™ has grown along with the industry requirements and provides a proven, robust solution to your PER-005 compliance and training management needs. A Satisfied QTD Customer

Let us help you every step of the way to ensure that your training program meets all of NERC’s requirements.

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