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No matter how large or small your organization, or what is preventing you from developing the high-performing workforce you desire, QTS will provide the expert advice and quality results you need to get it right. Along with our unwavering commitment to quality, we bring our deep knowledge of instructional systems (the SAT process), expertise in eliciting, interpreting, organizing, and clearly reporting large amounts of job task-related data, and strong project management to bear on each client’s unique circumstances.

Do you find it difficult to create quality training for technical disciplines? Our consultants are highly skilled at working with subject matter experts to capture their technical knowledge and turn it into quality training content that meets clients’ specific and unique needs. And, with nearly 100 years of combined technical training experience, you may be surprised at how quickly we will be “speaking your language.”

Has your company leadership asked you…

  • How do you know your training is adding value to the operation?
  • Does your training enhance employee performance on the job?
  • Are we maximizing our human capital?
  • Does the work your trainers do improve safety results?
  • Do you have line-of-sight between the training you’re providing and what actually happens in the field, out on the floor, or in the office?

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