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Providing Quality Training and Performance Support Services Since 1997

The QTS Advantage

Quality Training Systems (QTS) has provided training and performance support services for organizations since 1997.  As part of our mission we have partnered with clients to:

  • Set up and develop turnkey apprentice training programs, starting with learning councils and finishing with the development of all training materials.
  • Streamline operations by documenting work processes and developing procedures.
  • Prepare utilities for compliance with NERC PER-005 requirements by completing JTAs, designing training programs, developing training materials and performance evaluations, and assisting them in setting up internal controls to maintain compliance.
  • Navigate workforce changes or company reorganizations by documenting job tasks and responsibilities and helping transition tribal knowledge to a new workforce.
  • Avoid costly on-the-job accidents or errors by preparing accurate systems documentation, establishing required training needs, and providing on-target, engaging training.

Our flagship product, Quality Training Database™ (QTD™), has been developed over the past several years to assist clients in organizing and tracking training records.  As a stand alone “operating system” for training departments or as a bolt-on to a LMS, QTD™ is a customized tool for organizations to use in performing job task analysis (JTA), developing on-the-job training guides, task qualifications, designing training courses and developing training materials and tests.  Additional modules feature deploying training courses, maintaining training records, conducting course evaluations, etc. QTD™ is currently being used by more than one hundred organizations in the United States and Canada.

For those clients in need of a solution to be compliant with NERC PER-005, QTD™ includes all the functionaltity needed to manage compliance with the standard. 


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QTS has completed more than 50 SAT projects, including JTAs, training design, and development in the last 3 years alone.


  • QTS has performed numerous JTA and training design projects over the last few years to satisfy the requirements of NERC PER-005. The principles and rules of PER-005 reflect a good Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) and training practices that should be transferred from system operator training departments to other training departments within an electric utility.
  • QTS has fine-tuned the deliverables for SAT projects to ensure that they are easy to use and conform to stringent requirements such as PER-005.  Over the last few years, QTS has been focused on helping many clients become compliant with NERC-related standards, and QTS understands better than all other consulting firms the requirements for a valid and reliable training program.
  • QTS attaches great importance to building strong working relationships with its customers. The success of our projects depends on the steps taken by the project manager and project staff to remain in close communication with their customer counterparts throughout the project.



QTS is the electric utility industry expert in applying and providing training on the SAT process. When utilities seek an SAT provider, they select QTS.
  • QTS has been chosen over other vendors by electric utilities such as CAISO, PG&E, NSTAR, NYISO, and PNM, to provide customized SAT consulting services and training.
  • Our project teams are highly skilled at eliciting the detailed task information needed to customize generic data and develop the additional data required for the specifics of each company and position.
  • QTS uses the expertise of its entire project staff to efficiently manipulate and organize all the data required for large JTA projects. Our process allows us to recognize subtle differences between tasks performed by different regions or positions (for example, between those who make decisions and those who execute them).  We work with management to ensure consistency where similar tasks are performed at different locations.
  • QTS has demonstrated exceptionally strong project management techniques in conducting large JTA projects. These techniques are evident in our project planning, our close communications with customers, and our record of on-time delivery. We work with customer project managers and staff to ensure that project milestones are met and that any delays or difficulties that may arise are identified and addressed before they become problems for the project.


QTS demonstrates an unwavering commitment to make sure that every client’s project is successful, in part, by working in close partnership with our clients.
  • We understand that each client has unique circumstances that require customized services. Remaining highly engaged with our clients from project planning to project close-out means frequent communication, collaboration, and responsiveness.
  • QTS attaches great importance to building strong working relationships with its customers. The success of our projects depends on the steps taken by the project manager and project staff to remain in close communication with their customer counterparts throughout the project.
  • We know that the quality of our deliverables is dependent on the input that we receive from SMEs. We also understand that their time is limited and that the questions we ask require them to reflect on matters that they may have taken for granted for years. Establishing a close partnership with the SMEs in view of the common goal is therefore essential to project success and one of our great strengths.

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