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The Blackout Game

Blackout is a critical thinking training tool that functions as a tabletop simulator, generating random operating scenarios that simulate abnormal system events.

Practice critical decision making

⚡Familiarize new trainees with system equipment and outage response  

⚡Sharpen journeyman operator thinking 

⚡Practice human performance concepts 

⚡and more!

Use as an exercise embedded in a training class, as a stand-alone training tool, or for small group teaming exercises!


Blackout makes training interactive and fun, holds trainee’s attention, enhances their learning, and even gets employees to look forward to training sessions! And it’s customizable, so you can generate scenarios that are most relevant to your employees.  


An abnormal electric transmission system even has occurred! You must recognize the state of the system and provide corrective actions to restore the system to its normal operating state within 15 minutes.

Using a combination of cards and dice, trainees randomly generate an unfavorable system condition which they must resolve  within a set time period using key actions.

Trainees record the actions they would take to resolve the abnormal system condition on a scorecard

⚡A qualified instructor evaluates the actions at the end of the exercise

⚡Trainees gain bonus points if resolved within the selected time

⚡Trainees with the most points per game are the winners!

Blackout can generate scenarios at varying levels of difficulty to match the expertise of the trainee. This makes the simulator appropriate for everyone from new apprentices to veteran journeymen operators.


Each Blackout game comes with:


⚡1 scoring pad

⚡Labels to customize cards

4 decks of cards: equipment, equipment  status, environment, and challenge cards

⚡Each deck includes blank cards and labels which can be customized to reflect your system and your territory

⚡3 decision dice —one for each level of difficulty

⚡1 Megawatt die

⚡1 levels card

⚡1 digital timer

PLUS: Customers purchasing Blackout also get access to game templates, including the scorecard and customizing labels. You can download and re-supply whenever needed.  Feel free to contact us for additional timers, dice, and other materials.

WHY CHOOSE BLACKOUT? Company training doesn’t have to be boring. By encouraging the use of active participation, interactivity, and engagement, trainees will get to experience a new twist on simulator scenarios and have fun in the process!

 Order your copy of The Blackout Game today for $499!

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